Friday, August 1, 2014

CVE-2014-3120 Elastic Search Remote Code Execution

First off, I would like to express the intention of this article is to protect and safeguard of administrators / developers who uses elastic search cluster in their production system and to make a living for the family. This blog is to make aware for those who deploy elasticsearch cluster and you should be aware of it and protect against the malicious attack. I take no responsibility if you and/or your evil minded take this to damage others.

To quickly fix for this issue, you should set this
script.disable_dynamic: true

to your elasticsearch.yaml configuration file and restart elasticsearch instance.

If you have noticed, disable_dynamic is set to false in elasticsearch version 1.1.2 and below. However, it is set to true after 1.2.0.

Just load this html file CVE-2014-3120 in your browser and then change the field "ES_IP_Address" and the and field "File to read/append to". If your es allow access via port 9200, it will show the content but if you  have block the port and disable the dynamic scripting, then you are safe.

If the file content is shown, then you can start to write to it. You need to change the html source to allow write. When this happened, the attacker will be able to gain access to your box using public/private key. That's not good!

The said html file is adaptation from and if you are interested to read more, please read this link.

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