Friday, August 15, 2014

information for malware Linux_time_y_2014 and Linux_time_y_2015 are needed

This article is a bit special. It is more like seeking information and documentating it. If you have this type of information, please leave your comment below.

If you have noticed that the followings file exists in your system

  • Linux_time_y_2014

  • Linux_time_y_2015 or xudp

  • .E7739C9DFEAC5B8A69A114E45AB327D41 or mysql1.0

  • .E7739C9DFEAC5B8A69A114E45AB327D4 or mysql1s

This is a malwares which if it is uploaded or copy to your server, you should check if it is running in the system and remove if it does.

I googled and search in social sites, there is not much information other than identified this as a malware. If you happened to know what cve or where is the source, please kindly leave the message in the comment.

The intention is to understand what does this malware does other than launching it as ddos. To document it down here and to provide information to others if they seek more information. If you know how to disect this binary and analyze the content, please do share as well.

Thank you.

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