Saturday, September 13, 2014

TMnet UNIFI response on IPv6 subnet request

Recently, with the support of dual stack IPv4 and IPv6, it is pretty exciting for a small country like Malaysia be in the fore runner for new technology like supporting IPv6. As myself been in I.T. technology for years, enabling this and learn more about IPv6 is definitely a must. With the abundance of IPv6 address, perhaps the ISP will be generous and knowledgable on topic of IPv6 since they announced supported on year 2013, and statically allocate a static IPv6 subnet for its user. Here goes the inquiry.

Hi, with the abundance of ipv6 addresses, can you assign a static ipv6 subnet for my router? thank you.

and the response from isp...

Referring to your report no : 1-1111111111 regarding on your issue. Upon checking with our respective department, kindly be inform that we unable to provide IPV6 setting / assist third party service. Please be advice to get second party service vendor / email administrator opinion to assist regarding your third party service configuration.

We hope the explanation has reverted to your concern. Your understanding on this matter is highly appreciated.

Honestly, after read the response, mixture feeling of awkward and/or feeling retard of this isp staffs just arouse! I can't stop the urge to write an article to bashing.

As always, we think positive and we want to appreciate what can be salvage for this. Firstly, omg, finally the isp response! :) I have filed cases of ipv6 in the isp router, why it is not supported. Guess what, 5 reports get close with no response. Hey, this is the first time they response! YAY! (asshole ;-) )

Apart from that, I can't think of any reasons other than just bashing. I summarize my thoughts in points.

1. WHY would configuration of IPv6 managed by a third party, second party or EMAIL ADMINISTRATOR ?! oh my fucking jesus christ, email administrator for the configuration?! LOL..

2. "Upon checking with our respective department", so what department actually get check?! toy story department?!

3. I am asking for static IPv6 subnet for my router. I am NOT asking for configuration problem.. ffs, is this idiot support drone even understand what the user asking? From the situation, apparently no. They do not even bother to ask for clarification and answer with second party service vendor/ email administrator as a answer...ROFLMAO.

4. Now why would I ask any third party to configure a static IPv6 ?! This assignment of static IP is done by ISP network admin. Not any third party, period. Well hey, if any third party can configure this in the ISP, and as a third party, can I reconfigure your whole network ?! :D

This ISP support has always been "amazing". I don't supposed even if I reply the response with explanation, that it will get solve technically or god grace static IPv6 subnet will be granted, justified based on past experience and knowledge know how.

Writing it down here and hopefully and believing that someone knowledgeable in the ISP will get the chance to read user response and for instance, in this case, knowledge enough to assign a static IPv6 subnet for its user.

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