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Friday, June 3, 2016

First look into ECL (enterprise control language)

It's been a while for a quiet moment since I actively blogging due to the fact
of family issue. But I hope things will goes even smoother and continue what I
like the best, learning information technology and contribute back to the
opensource society.

Today, we will take a look into another big data technology. ECL or Enterprise
Control Language

is a declarative, data centric programming language designed in 2000 to allow a team of programmers to process big data across a high performance computing cluster without the programmer being involved in many of the lower level, imperative decisions.[1][2]

As this article only meant for introductory, we will just go through with whatever documentation officially available from HPCC Systems, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. As such to speed up of ecl acquaintance, download a virtual image from this link. This virtual machine which already preconfigured hpcc system ready together with ecl to play with.

For me, I have chosen image of current version with gold release running on a 64bit cpu. Next, you need to install virtualbox on your pc in order to run this virtual image. In the past, I have describe many times how to install virtualbox via apt-get.

Particulars that you might want to pay attention how to quickly get the downloaded virtual image to run on the virtualbox is, hpcc systems require two network adapters and make sure you have them configured correctly. You don't have to create a new virtual machine but just select from file dropdown and choose 'Import Appliance'. Then navigate to the downloaded image and import it. Next, power on the virtual machine. You should see something similar as of following.

Open your browser and point to http://<your hpcc system ip address>:8010/#/stub/ECL . Click on
ECL on top of menu bar and then in the submenu below, click on Playground. There are some example
how to model the data store, insert the data and them query the data. If you want more explanation
you can read on this link.

If ecl interest you, you should really read the programmer guide here, hpcc system offered a lot of documentations which can be found here.

That's it for this learning experience. I must say it is very easy to setup to quickly learn what is ECL compare to the previous hadoop system. If you are looking into big data analytic, ecl might be a good option to begin with.